Hey Y’alls!

Guess what? I am entering the One Teen Story contest, starting May 1st and going to June 31st. I am super excited because this is the first time I am going to post my entry on my blog so stay tuned because this will be a refined, edited and polished piece that I have worked on for a few months! Bottom line: This thing is gonna be frickin’ amazin’. So stay tuned!



Hi People!

This is a request for requests. Recently I’ve been going through some writers block and an running short on some current ideas. I mean, I have plenty of story bases but none of them really seem appealing, at least from a writing standpoint. So, any suggestions?

Please and thank you!


Big News!

Hey People Foolish Enough to Read My Work!

I have some big news! Right now all I have posted so far are short stories. Which is all well and good but I am now going to start my first chain story in about a month. Now, I don’t know when you guys will see this so you might be reading this post when I’m rich and famous because of this blog thinking, “What? But she’s already posted a ton of chain stories!” Well, right now this will be the first one I’ve posted.

It’s all my work. It’s all copyrighted. And I can sue you if you think my stupidity is good enough to copy. Anyway, see you on the flip side and stay tuned for my first chain story.

Hello Out There!

Hey Friendly Reader!

I am the cynical, crazy fun loving writer of this website. Nice to meet you. This blog is a vent for my emotions since in this world we cannot really control what happens. However I can control what happens in the things I write. So, if you’re looking for comical relief, fictional stories, or just something to read because you’re bored, you’re more than welcome to read the little things I write to deal with stress.

Thank you for visiting the site of a faceless nobody! Enjoy!

– Zoe